Stu Sackowitz

2024 Senior Club Champion

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Stu Sackowitz Wins 2024 Championship

Stuart Sackowitz, the founder and inventor of Pine Valley Orthotics won the 2024 Senior Club Championship at Mizner Country Club.

Stu wore his golf orthotics, from Pine Valley Orthotics, during the Senior Club Championship. All Pine Valley Orthotics contain a unique energy return system that ensures comfort, providing the energy you need to stay on your feet.

Stuart Sackowitz has offered orthotics, insoles, and comfort footwear for over 40 years. With a background in orthopedics, Stu's story begins with a personal experience playing golf where he tore his Achilles tendon. It left Stu with a noticeable limp and he was no longer able to walk the golf course. I could barely get through the round even with a cart! Severe discomfort in my feet and legs prompted me to think about developing something that would allow me to manage the pain in my feet and legs and get back to playing golf. After a long and tedious design process and years in the making, I created an orthotic that features balance, stability, proper weight shift and our “ENERGY RETURN SYSTEM”, specifically for golfers. My dream has become a reality! These orthotics have an Energy Return System which creates a spring-like effect, relieves foot pain and energizes your whole body! Your feet will feel incredible and it will relieve stress on your knees, hips and back as well. These fabulous pads slip right into golf shoes.

Pine Valley Orthotics for the win

Stuart Sackowitz, the founder and inventor of Pine Valley Orthotics, won the 2024 Senior Club Championship at Mizner Country Club. Stu wore his golf orthotics, one of many orthotics made by Pine Valley Orthotics, during the championship. The golf orthotics kept him comfortable, energized, and on his way to victory.

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Pine Valley Orthotics are specialty orthotics that are designed to provide support, alignment, and comfort to the feet, knees, hips, and back. Our engineered orthotics contain an Energy Return System, unlike any orthotic or insole, that helps fight discomfort or pain as it improves balance and stability. Standard orthotics, that are purchased at online or retail stores, are not specialized and designed to provide the proper support your body needs to thrive. Regardless of age or condition, Pine Valley Orthotics are engineered to help you feel more comfortable and stay on your feet all day. Learn more:

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Mizner’s brand new 18 hole, par 72 private golf course, has been completely redesigned by Kipp Schulties, creating a world-class golf links that is as gorgeous to view as it is rewarding to play. The course winds boldly through native foliage and wetlands, flanked by lush greenery which serves as a serene backdrop to the rolling fairways. TifEagleTM greens are guarded by imaginative bunkers, and reflective lakes are tactically placed throughout the course. The game of golf has been made infinitely more exciting at Mizner, while maintaining playability for all levels. Learn more:

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