Dress Shoe Orthotics

  • How long can I expect your orthotics to last for me?

    With moderate wear, Pine Valley Orthotics have a life expectancy of 2 years. Of course, frequency of wear will determine how often you will want to replace them.

  • How is your orthotic different from others I've seen?

    Our orthotics elongate slightly, which creates balance and stability. With our unique energy return system, when you step down our orthotics push back, creating a gentle spring-like effect.

  • My doctor told me to get a custom orthotic. Is this for me?

    Our orthotics self adjust to 95% of all feet. Custom orthotics can cost $450 a pair plus, so we engineered our orthotics to help you in the same way a custom orthotic would.

  • Will these help my foot pain from being on my feet all day?

    Yes, our orthotics will help alleviate the pain in your feet and possibly eliminate it. Especially pain caused by plantar fasciitis, heel pain, back pain, knee pain and neuropathy.

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