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Plugged In Golf Reviews Pine Valley Orthotics

Pine Valley Orthotics provide a more structured, cushioned surface for your foot.  Keeps your feet and body energetic and pain-free.

I’ve been very lucky to have gotten through nearly 37 years on Earth without any major injuries.  Most days I wake up feeling pretty good, but I’m still susceptible to the pain and soreness that comes from an active lifestyle.  I tried the Pine Valley Orthotics to see if they could allow me to play harder without suffering any consequences.

Ease of Use

Some orthotics are a real headache, but Pine Valley Orthotics makes it simple.  Order the size you need, remove any insoles or supports from your shoes, and slide in the Pine Valley Orthotics.  That’s it.

Their recommendation is that you ease into wearing them: two hours the first day, four hours the second, until you work up to a full day of wear.  The reason for this slow transition is that the muscles in your feet may need time to adapt to the orthotic inserts.


When I first slipped on the Pine Valley Orthotic Inserts, I noticed immediately that they had more structure than other inserts I’ve tried.  Many inserts are just there for cushioning; the ones from Pine Valley actually have arch support and a contoured heel to hold your foot in a specific position.  For me, the structure felt very natural and comfortable.  If it feels unusual to you, that adjustment period I described may be more important for you.

I found the “Energy Return System” to be subtle but noticeable.  Pine Valley Orthotics describes it as a “spring-like effect” that pushes back when you step down.  What I noticed was that I could walk a full round and my feet and legs still felt energetic rather than being worn out.

Pine Valley Orthotics also claim to be effective in treating issues such as Plantar Fasciitis, flat feet, neuropathy, neuromas, and back pain.  I am – fortunately – unable to judge those claims as I’m not afflicted by those issues at this time.  The one thing I can speak to is a recurring “crunchiness” in my right knee which never seemed to be an issue after a day of wearing these inserts.


Compared to custom orthotics, Pine Valley Orthotic Inserts are a very affordable $99 per pair, and they come with a 30 day money back guarantee.  Whether you suffer from chronic pain or are simply looking to have more spring in your step after you walk a round, these are definitely worth a try.


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